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Corporate and Governance Culture

(Extracted from Annual Report 2023)

Swire Properties is committed to ensuring that its affairs are conducted in accordance with its corporate and governance culture and values of integrity, originality, excellence, humility, teamwork, continuity and high ethical standards, which form a coherent set of principles that are relevant across the Company’s business and underpin everything it does. This reflects its belief that, in the achievement of its long-term objectives, it is imperative to act with probity, transparency and accountability. By so acting, Swire Properties believes that shareholder value will be maximised in the long term and that its employees, those with whom it does business and the communities in which it operates will all benefit.

Corporate governance is the process by which the Board instructs management of the Group to conduct its affairs with a view to ensuring that its objectives are met. The Board is committed to maintaining and developing robust corporate governance practices that are intended to ensure:

  • satisfactory and sustainable returns to shareholders
  • that the interests of those who deal with the Company are safeguarded
  • that overall business risk is understood and managed appropriately
  • the delivery of high-quality products and services to the satisfaction of customers
  • that high standards of ethics are maintained and
  • sustainable development of the business and the communities in which the Company operates with a view to create long-term value

The Board provides guidance to management by defining the purpose, values and strategic direction of the Group, and plays an important role in establishing and instilling a culture that reinforces the values of acting lawfully, ethically and responsibly. The Company’s Corporate Code of Conduct ensures that the corporate culture and expected behaviours are clearly communicated to everyone in the Group. Appropriate policies and procedures are in place to promote and reinforce the need for employees and others who deal with the Company to act with honesty and integrity and to raise concerns about actual or suspected cases of impropriety. Indicators used for assessing and monitoring social and corporate governance-related data (including staff turnover rates, whistleblowing data, employee surveys and breaches of the Company’s Corporate Code of Conduct) are set out in the Sustainability Report 2023 of the Company. The Group offers competitive remuneration and benefits designed to attract, motivate and retain talented people at all levels. Having regard to the corporate culture reflected in the policies and practices of the Group, the Board is satisfied that the purpose, values and strategic directions of the Group are aligned with its culture.