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We aim to create value for our shareholders through long-term sustainable growth. With our commitment to high standards of corporate governance and our professional team, we have created a diverse portfolio of properties which have not only transformed the communities in which they are situated, but have also become landmarks in their own right for their outstanding designs and management. By investing in and financing our projects in a disciplined and focused manner we seek to maintain a strong balance sheet to ensure the continued success of the Company.

Key Financials


Property investment
Property trading

Net Assets Employed

Property investment
Property trading

Dividends per share

1st interim dividend per share
2nd interim dividend per share

Attributable Gross Rental Income

Hong Kong Office
Hong Kong Retail
Chinese Mainland Retail
Chinese Mainland Office

Equity Attributable
to the Shareholders

Total Borrowings

Net Debt
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Underlying profit / (loss) by segment

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