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Remuneration Committee

(Extracted from Annual Report 2019)

Full details of the remuneration of the Directors are provided in note 9 to the financial statements.

The Remuneration Committee comprises three Non-Executive Directors, S.T. Fung, T.T.K. Choi and N.A.H. Fenwick. Two of the Committee Members are Independent Non-Executive Directors, one of whom, S.T. Fung, is Chairman. With effect from the conclusion of the Company’s 2019 Annual General Meeting held on 14th May 2019, S.T. Fung succeeded S.C. Liu as Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and T.T.K. Choi succeeded S.T. Fung as a member of the Remuneration Committee. N.A.H. Fenwick served for the whole of 2019.

The Remuneration Committee reviews and approves the management’s remuneration proposals with reference to the Board’s corporate goals and objectives.

The Remuneration Committee exercises the powers of the Board to determine the remuneration packages of individual Executive Directors (including salaries, bonuses, benefits in kind and the terms on which they participate in any provident fund or other retirement benefit scheme), taking into consideration salaries paid by comparable companies, time commitments and responsibilities and employment conditions elsewhere in the group.

The terms of reference of the Remuneration Committee have been reviewed with reference to the CG Code and are posted on the Company’s website.

A Services Agreement exists between the Company and John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of John Swire & Sons Limited, which is the parent company of the Swire group. This agreement has been considered in detail and approved by the Independent Non-Executive Directors of the Company. Under the terms of the agreement, staff at various levels, including Executive Directors, are seconded to the Company. These staff report to and take instructions from the Board of the Company but remain employees of the Swire group. Given its substantial equity interest in the Company, it is in the best interests of the Swire group to ensure that executives of high quality are seconded to and retained within the Swire Properties group.

In order to be able to attract and retain staff of suitable calibre, the Swire group provides a competitive remuneration package designed to be commensurate, overall, with those of its peer group. This typically comprises salary, housing, retirement benefits, leave passage and education allowances and, after three years’ service, a bonus related to the overall profit of the Swire Pacific group. Although the remuneration of these executives is not directly linked to the profits of the Company, it is considered that these arrangements have contributed considerably to the maintenance of a flexible, motivated and high-calibre management team within the Group.

The Remuneration Committee reviewed the structure and levels of remuneration paid to Executive Directors at its meeting in October 2019. At this meeting the Committee considered a report prepared for it by Mercer Limited, an independent firm of consultants, which confirmed that the remuneration of the Company’s Executive Directors, as disclosed in note 9 to the financial statements, was comparable with that paid to equivalent executives in peer group companies.

No Director takes part in any discussion about his or her own remuneration.

The following fee levels have been approved by the Board: